Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Voice

It's a funny thing, how insight comes to us. I am sure that most of it is redundant! After all, what has not been said or conveyed throughout the ages? In fact, my insight for today surprised me but it has probably been said many times. I think that insight and wisdom has many, many faces. The challenge is, it must come to us in a package that is personally recognizable, based upon our experiences, perceptions, and readiness. Most of us, being human, rarely take the time to break out of the hard shell that blinds us to these gifts. It is easier skipping over the boxes until one day, SURPRISE, we trip over the "present" and we get it! Our shell gets cracked and a little light comes through.

I was chatting with my niece, sharing news that we were headed to London soon to visit our son. She responded and said, how cool! My response to her was a surprise even to me...and I want to share it with you. What I said was "Our trip felt like a gift, but that everyday is a gift. We just need to learn how to unwrap the present!" In that moment, I became truly aware that what I write does not necessarily come from my intellect but instead is mostly, always inspired. To me, that inspiration comes from God. For me, this deeper, eternal wisdom is continually trying to speak not only to me but to each of us. Priceless packages await our attention every day. Most times, however, I don't think we even see them, let alone know how to open them.

Some are not necessarily pretty packages. We trip over them, we shove them into closets, we leave them on the side of the road. Those unlikely gifts are the hard ones. However, the grace of those ignored gifts is the patience they have while they wait for us! It is the book that sits on a shelf for years and then one day, you open it, and SURPRISE, you get it! Or it is the experience of losing a loved one, a job, or a home. These kind of gifts are hard to open and unless we can be very, very, very, very present with our moment, we will ignore the "present" until we are ready to open it. But as I said, the "present" patiently awaits us until we are ready. The inspiration I received today told me to open my present...not to wait. I think I will.

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