Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Voice of Question

During the month of December my husband and I usually see more movies, especially following Christmas. One of the choices we made this year was to see "How Do You Know." It is the story about choosing and while it begins rather slowly, the movie develops into this very meaningful and touching story. I wrote about "knowing" recently. But while today's topic may seem related, it is different. How Do I Know...when I am trying to make a decision that sometimes becomes a life changing decision.

As I think on this theme for myself and how my life looks now, and as I reflect on some of my girlfriends facing similar conundrums regarding single life, I have come to my own conclusions. I am sure there is no simple formula for knowing the answer to this question. I am hoping that others who read this share their own road signs and markers. I think we can learn a great deal from each other. But, before I offer my own answer to this seemingly innocent question, I ask you: "How do YOU know when faced with a decision that seems ambiguous or difficult or somehow conflicted?

Questions spur more I ask myself, what does this question mean? For me to know the answer to "how do I know" comes only when I ask this important question:  "Will my choice work to bring peace to me, my family and to my world?" The answer may not necessarily insure the decision I make will be easy or less painful, it simply means that in time, peace will be born. It is has not been easy for me to always stop to reflect. But when I have been in distress, I have made some pretty boneheaded decisions that led to dead ends and...well...pain. But when I have taken the time and really, really considered what mattered, I have never made the wrong decision. In fact, the answer to "how do I know" becomes so blatantly clear, I have wondered why I didn't see it immediately! Sometimes, I have had to sit at the STOP sign awhile until I quieted my mind. But in the end, given time and reflection, the right road has always risen up to meet me.

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