Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Voice of Grace

I play golf, it's one of the things I enjoy doing although I am not an avid, crazy, "have to be on the golf course" kind of player. I am more of a fair weather player. One of the people in the group I play with is advanced in age. She has been diagnosed with onset Alzheimer's and just had surgery to remove a melanoma from her face. Face bandages in tact and a smile on her face, she came to our luncheon today wearing lipstick because she trusted us as friends to simply love and support her. Girlfriends are like that, we rally around challenges our friends have.

The most beautiful thing about our friend is how sincerely dignified and full of grace she is for all the misfortunes she faces. Not so simply, she offers me the opportunity to weigh my own choices; how do I want to react or respond to life? Every time I am with her I ask myself questions; could I be so kind or grateful? Could I walk with such grace?

When the Chilean miners were buried for over two months this year, a friend posed these question to me: Who would you want to be with under those circumstances? Would you even chose yourself? I would definitely choose my friend. There is something calming and reassuring about her. Her obvious gratitude for anyone's kindness, the respect she shows others and her genuine authenticity, are markers of someone anyone would want to spend time with, especially in a deep dark hole for an extended period of time. She reminds me that the voice of grace allows for things to be 10% better or worse than what they are. Grace's virtue says to our hearts that this too shall pass so take hold of the moment and embrace it's gifts. The world can be challenging, especially in these times. I loved being with her today. It was simply a taste of grace.

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