Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Voice of Kindness

I am a golfer, or at least I'm a wanna be golfer! Golf is one of those games that, unless played regularly and consistently, is a source of constant inconsistency. Today, I played with two beautiful women who are in their seventies or older. It was an honor to be with them on the golf course. They were gracious and kind and were pretty darn good golfers too!! One of them is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. I don't know how many of you who read my blog have had experience with this disease but it is, in the very least, heart breaking. It is also frightening for those who, in the beginning stages, know they are facing a life without their precious memories.

One of the things that I noticed today more than golf or my horrid score was the continual apology each of my teammates made for their individual "handicaps." I could tell that they were not always treated with respect, were not honored for the years they have lived. These were kind, gracious, loving women, not bitter or difficult in any way. What I noticed, sadly, is that we live in such an impatient society. We have come to expect our world to be a microwave world where everything happens fast and furious. A touch of a button gives us what we want, whether it is a dialed phone number, a dinner, or information. How can we have patience or give a voice of kindness for those in our society that move a little more slowly or who are unable to think quickly? We have lost our perspective.

Kindness is a voice of choice. It is made up of patience, and respect, and empathy. It is also an acknowledgment that I too, one day, may be faced with the side affects of aging, God willing. I saw in the faces of these two fine women today such gratitude and genuine humility for receiving the small voice of kindness. It reminded me to not expect everything yesterday, to honor the humanity of every living being...not just those who are seniors, but for our babies, our children, or family and loved ones, and our neighbors. So many today are facing tough economic times...but we all have a gift we can share with others that costs us nothing and has more value than gold. Wrap up a package of kindness today and give it to someone who could use could be the biggest beneficiary!

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