Monday, May 17, 2010

The Translator

Friends and I were talking about the phenomena of technology and how it has becoming a primary communication link between people. That is not a bad thing necessarily; but sometimes it is perceived as impersonal and leaves "relationship" out of the picture. Relationship, according to Webster must first be understood through "relation" which means "an aspect or quality ...that can be predicated only of two or more things or parts taken together (connection); relationship is the state of being connected. To me, it seems it means "we are on the same ship together." Too often, in technology, it is a one-man-ship. With technology, I get to express my views without your input. You get to interpret my expression according to your own translator.

Communication is so critical. When we are with another person, we do not only communicate with our words, but with your eyes, our body language, our emotions. In an email, or a posting, it is difficult for anyone to express that completely. Even when I write here, it is my opinion and I have no idea how anyone will take in my ideas. Admittedly, we all get to choose how we respond or react. It is my goal to inspire something, to awaken something. Never to offend. But I have no control over your personal internal translator. What you read and what you might hear are two very different things.

I only know that when I met my personal internal translator, I was shocked at how that part of myself was translating another person's communication to me. My translator was goofy at, "Doesn't that person driving slowly know I am late, how rude!!" to hurtful...interpreting to me personal messages about my value or how I saw myself. Until I met my own interpreter, I really did not know myself. Some things said or read pierced my heart when they were never intended to do so. I am learning, day by day, to watch my own life like a movie, and then to try and respond. To straighten out my interpreter or maybe even pull out the duct tape and seal her mouth for all time! I am hopeful that my awareness will help me. When someone speaks Greek to me,  I do not wish to respond  in Mandarin!

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