Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wine and Cheese or Whine and Cheez

I had this extraordinary privilege to be tossed into the sea of life early, often times feeling that I had certainly lost my life preserver in the vast ocean of experiences. Someone, always, rowed up next to me and offered me a hand into their boat. Sometimes I stubbornly refused the offering and preferred to drown in my own mess while other times I willingly and gratefully reached for the hand and allowed their influence to pull me out of the sea of depression I was sinking into.

I have long been one of those people who wanted to believe at all times the glass was half full, even when everything before me suggested the flippin glass was empty!! Denial is a great tool, but even denial made from steel could not keep me away from the other kind of whine and cheez I often sat and dined upon. I think that being human has many subtle traps that pull us away from celebration. It is not that celebration is not available because we all celebrate when we are happy and content. It is the ability to celebrate our lives in spite of the challenging things that come along.

I have learned that even in the saddest and most devastating times of my life, when I can revisit or commit to celebrating the goodness that might be contained in that moment, I can effectively affect change and transformation...if only for myself. But it seems when I am different, others respond differently to me. An old Santiz Indian proverb says "I had no shoes and complained until I met a man who had no feet." The true path to peace is to set and dine each day of your life in celebration with the wine and cheese of your life, even if it is the box variety!! Which is your pleasure, red or white?

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