Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hopeful or Hopeless

Regardless of your state of mind, it comes through when we have a conversation with someone. I remember years ago being a young, struggling single mother. I was full of hope for us and at the same time, had moments of singularly soul trembling concern for my ability to provide care for my son or create a future that held promise for him. I was fortunate at the time to be part of a community that was teaching me to believe more in my greatness than my fear. But so often, my fear came through when I would approach my daily life. My fear also came through via my often times lack of patience, which in turn became directed toward my sweet son.

While history cannot be undone, it can be rewritten. I think back on the young and inexperienced mother I was and I realize that while my voice often betrayed my inner fear, there was something greater at work in my life. It seems like many lifetimes since I was that young mother, but the wisdom and insight gained have become the gem stones and corner stones of my life now as a mature woman.

I think we all feel hopeless at times. I think we are all susceptible to being so deep in the forest that we cannot see a path out. The path will appear, like magic, if we can drink from the well of hope. Hopefulness and belief in the greater part of you will carry you through and out of the forest. It carried me. This is not a Pollyanna approach but a deep belief in the purposefulness of your life. Your voice will change when you seek out and find that purposefulness. It will be convicted, and strong, and you will do things and conquer circumstances that will surprise you. Give yourself that sweet gift of life...the gift of personal surprise!!

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