Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Have you ever wondered why you hold back saying something that might be valuable or insightful? I am not speaking about your opinion. Some opinion is better left unsaid! I am talking about that one response that you hold onto when the response you keep bottled up might create intimacy and clarity for another person? It might, just might, bring peace to your life! My husband and I were talking about this at breakfast yesterday and really had no answer what often stops us. Maybe pride, maybe ego, maybe fear???

The calendar rolled out spring for us just a few days ago. For some of us who live in sunny climates, spring means flowers on our hillside and green foothills. For some, it is the first thaw and breezy days. Spring is a time of renewal and new growth. It is a time of the season to let the seeds of new ideas and ways of being spring forth. Those who celebrate Easter celebrate the Resurrection; those who farm prepare to care for their harvest. Spring is a time to come out of darkness and tender the new ideas, the new voice that might be forming. A great question I ask myself  is "Am I choking out the good in my life by repressing the compassionate or positive voice that longs to be heard?"

Someone said there is no stopping an idea whose time has come. If you have been planting seeds within your mighty soul, and during this amazing time of year...this time of realize it, then tender those seeds well! Water them with your Spirit, weed them with your wisdom, prune them with discretion, give them light so they can thrive, shelter them from attack (I have heard a good bug spray will discourage many a skeptic!!), and praise them daily. Gardeners and mothers have mutual wisdom...they know that the young must be cared for tenderly to become strong, rooted, and independent. I celebrate that inner wisdom with everyone, knowing your positive voice will be revealed and your life will be lived abundantly!

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