Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weary, weary, weary, weary

Most of us, when we are doggedly tired, go to bed. At least in my advancing yet youthful years, I do go to bed when I am tired. This subject came to mind because tonight I AM tired. I spent all day preparing for our accountant's visit tomorrow. Numbers are like a lullaby to me, they put me to sleep!! But then I thought about being tired and how it interferes with our psyche so decided to throw this comment out there!

I have discovered that my brain simply does not work when it is tired. I discovered this was true playing the game "Word Mole" on my phone when sleep deprivation had crept in. I could not even remember how to spell simple words, let alone try to gather the scattered alphabet into a logical word the game would accept. (If you have not played it, please try sometime, it is fun!) Anyway, what I discovered was that the level of emotional frustration rose to the degree of my tiredness. I know there is an old adage that a couple should never go to sleep mad; but I don't know how you can resolve anything if you are doggedly tired. I say, agree to be in a disagreement, kiss, and then take care of it in the morning.

Tired equals emotional frustration. Instead of a creative solution, a tired voice dives deep within the murky waters of the past and digs up some emotion (could be a supercharged emotion) and fuels the conversation with it. Then all a person has at their disposal is defensive positions. I say, if you are tired, take advice from someone who has taken those dives, and just put it to bed until the sun comes up. Things truly do look better in the light of day!!

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