Friday, January 8, 2010

Your Vision Drives Your Communication

When you wake up in the morning, how do you see your day? As you planned for the holidays, did you have a vision for what you wanted them to be? Do you actually have the creative edge that "sees" a goal? Do you have a goal? When faced with an obstacle, do you see a Yield sign or do you see a Stop sign? I am quite sure that you are asking what these questions or even vision could possibly have to do with communication, but it has everything to do with it.

The vision you have for you life is different than a wish or a dream. To get you to see the idea more clearly, consider a trip to the grocery store. You have a vision of the store, it's geographic location, the streets you will travel to get there, and most times you will have a list of the things you will buy. You have planned for your shopping by having money in your wallet, maybe you even have a budget for your monthly meals. If we have such practical vision for our everyday lives, how much more important is it for us to have that kind of vision for what our heart longs for? A wish is more ethereal, less concrete. A vision, however, is real...even when it is in the future. If we feel locked away from our vision, or if we have given up on our vision, or if we have decided our vision is beyond our personal experience, we communicate less effectively.

Imagine every new day is a blank canvas. What is your vision of the day? Instead of dipping your paintbrush in the past, dip it into a new color pallet of potential. Use all the tools available to you: crayons for playfulness, pens for permanence, artists pencils for shading and sketching, watercolors for softness, oils for definition. When you look into the mirror, erase anything that defies your innate creative juices. While we are definitely influenced by our past, our parents, our partners, our experiences, we can choose not to be defined by them. We can, instead, envision the world we wish to live in, with clarity, intention, and purpose. Even a vision such as peace on earth can only happen if we see it first in ourselves. A peaceful voice is a powerful voice...even in the midst of struggle. If it were not, Martin Luther King would be unknown. Be your vision and refuse to surrender it to anyone, anything, or any circumstance, and then communicate that vision to the world!

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