Monday, January 4, 2010

What does change represent to you?

For sometime, I found that change was a four letter word to me. I made many of the arguments that I believe many of us "I am a good person, I am who I am, change means I am flawed, why do I have to compromise, it was their fault...I am the victim here, what did I do wrong." We see change as the finger of God pointing at us, diminishing our stature, our self-confidence and our egos. It is easier to change the shape of your  nose than to change your inner universe. So why even try? obviously wiser and more enlightened person than myself...told us that "...if you do what you have always done, you are going to get what you have always got." Even if your life is perfect for you, and you feel at peace and are satisfied, change (aka evolution) is simply part of the circle of life. If our bones did not grow and change from childhood, we would all be a lot shorter. Insight is the bone marrow of life, wisdom is the gourmet meal we make from our missed takes (aka, mistakes). So why not surrender to change and the positive things it can bring?

If you do not feel heard, there is a great possibility that you are operating under the oppression of a BOS that is messing with your effectiveness. Like the old DOS system that ran computers from the background, Belief Operating Systems have been running the lives of people for millenniums.The only way to chart your map to being heard is to examine your belief systems...and most of them have been created by someone else...your parents, your culture, your spouse, your friends, your clan or gang. Each person's individual voice is as sweet and different as is Janis Joplin's voice to Celine Dion's...or pick any of your favorite (or less than favorite) artists to make the bridge seem logical. But to find that voice, you must be willing to practice, to change technique, to evolve to a brighter version of yourself.

Maybe change can become redefined by this: "change is not changing the essential YOU but instead changing the techniques that allow the essential YOU to be heard." Billy Joel said, "I love you just the way you are." I am thinking that concept is a bit flawed!! Being heard works only when your voice becomes a whisper of the authentic you, the heart of you, the soul of you. What's in your voice box? Let's find out together!!

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