Friday, January 29, 2010

Surrendering Your Voice

Today was one of those days when what I planned, to some degree, was thrown aside or shoved to a later time. It felt like a psychic traffic jam!! Even traffic jams can offer a gift if we learn to sit calmly in the face of complete chaos and fortunately, today I opened one!! As I spoke with others, one of the questions that came up was "What do I surrender my intention to? Who or what do I give my voice over to and why do I give it up so easily?"

An example may be in order I offer the following: You have a goal and someone you care about tells you it is silly or will not work so you abandon your plans. You intend to spend some vital time for yourself and a friend calls and you abandon that needed space for a long, gossipy call. You decide you want to lose 10 pounds and that piece of deep rich chocolate cake begs for your attention...and consumption. You make a commitment to exercise, but that warm pillow or partner asks you to hang out just a little bit longer.

I think that we mistake our voice for things that we say aloud. But our voice comes in many forms...the loudest and most powerful form is being the voice we have that echos between our ears. In what ways do you surrender your voice...the voice that asks greatness of you? Do you give it over to fear, laziness, boredom, suggestion, need for approval, entitlement...the list is endless. Once you realize you are truly the captain of each precious day, that the gift of the day is that of a golden nugget and not a paper bill, you will give your voice a little more respect. This is your day to spend, to speak, to dance, to live. Let your voice be heard by the most important person of

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Anonymous said...

Again your words reverberate my reflections. I read you and nod and smile. ahh but to just stop and listen to that voice! As I have aged I have mellowed really... the petty stuff just doesn't get in my way so much. But still, it does take a conscious effort sometimes to quickly evaluate the moment and act. We get way too wrapped up in the busy day and miss the precious chances we can't reclaim.
Let the dust bunnies wear saddles,
I have a date with my grandkids. :)
your friend