Friday, April 29, 2011

The Voice of Purpose

From an early age I felt I had a purpose but I simply had no clue what that purpose might be. I first picked up my pencil to write at the tender age of eight, sitting in the silence of my bedroom with sunlight pouring in through my window, feeling the sting of being punished and put to bed early. Even then, I knew I wanted to write but I had no idea it was purposeful. I remember distinctly thinking at the time, I don't have enough information yet to write any story!  So I put my pencil down and probably fell asleep.

Fast forward to my adult life. I still felt driven to a purpose. It felt so vague, so out of reach and the idea of a purpose felt so big. I longed for some direction, some course of action that was clearly defined so I would know just what it was I needed to do. In the meantime, I devoted my time to my family and to working a job that helped provide for them, I volunteered and taught and mentored children, all the while knowing these were good things. In between the cracks, I wrote poetry; I wrote a novel; I wrote a how to book that became my first published work. I started this blog. And then I wrote a childrens' story (one that is suitable for children of all ages) that will be published this year. And somewhere along the way, I discovered my whole life, from beginning to now, has been filled with the very thing I thought I was looking for, purpose. When Mother Theresa reminded us that not everyone can do great things, but everyone can do small things with great love, her words echoed what I have now come to know.

Every moment has led me to a deeper part of my unknown self that I am now willing to know. All along the way, my soul has been separating the chaff from the wheat, and life's wisdom continues to be the bread on my plate that I dine upon. I am a much faster learner these days and hopefully a wiser sharer of the wisdom I have gathered along the way. I do not proclaim to have the expertise of spiritual masters or gurus. But I know that wisdom gained and not shared is wisdom lost. I appreciate everyone who shares my daily bread with me. My hope is that it is warm, and rich, and satisfying...oozing with melted butter and a little garlic for spicing it up!

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