Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Voice of Responsibility

Today I was doing our month end finances online. In order to continue with my transaction, the bank required that I click on "I accept responsibility" before I was allowed to continue. Key word is "accept" followed by "responsibility." It's a funny thing, that word "responsibility". It conjures up all kinds of things in our head. Maybe a little resistance or perhaps a sense of burden. It can also bring up feelings of empowerment and order. It wholly depends upon your emotional definition of the word. Each of us have our own emotional dictionary! It is something we should all become familiar with!!!

Responsibility, however, means simply our ability to respond to something of great importance in our life. It means to own the action we are about to take and be prepared for the results of that action. An immutable and fixed rule of the world we live in is that there is, in every instance, a reaction to every action. So, if you take "responsibility" for your life, it is simply an indicator of how much of your life you own. In a relationship, do you respond with love, kindness, patience and honesty? In finances, do you respond to your wealth, no matter how great or small it might be, with awareness? In responding to strangers, do you respond with patience and compassion? It is so easy to blame others or circumstances for our dilemmas. Yes, things do happen outside of our control. But even in those instances we can ably respond. In fact, how we get through those times is determined by just that.

I have decided to click on that virtual button every morning before I get out of bed. I think that by activating that idea, "I take responsibility" before I begin my day just might make a difference in the kind of day I have. If I do not make someone else responsible for me (making them able to respond for me), my choices might just be different. My life might just take more positive turns. I might, just might, wake up every day, feeling ready to take on this crazy unpredictable world. Like the Staples button "That was easy" maybe my "I take responsibility" button might just be the ticket to better days! It certainly makes my banking easier!!

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