Friday, December 31, 2010

The Voice of New Beginnings

Today is the end of a 2010. It seems to me that the most focused and determined I am seems to bubble up this time of year. January 31st finds me sitting on the threshold of newness, like a child getting ready to enter Disneyland. It's how I think an artist must feel when looking at a blank canvass, all the potential and possibility for the picture they see in their minds to be translated to this untouched slate.Then this little nagging thought occurred to me: our gym! I know that beginning even tomorrow it will be packed and by February or March things will be back to "business as usual." In talking with a friend today, the biggest question that I am confronting is "who am I taking into 2011 with me?"

I don't know why I lose steam...or for that matter, why anyone does. I am sure it has been studied and thousands of books and periodicals have been written, analyzing this very human trait. People have spent millions of dollars seeking advice, counsel, and personal training to prevent this stalemate. The truth is none of us like to wander too far from our comfort zone. That means CHANGE and oh yes, that means changing our MINDS and then DOING something about it! I have found that my life is like a moving train; once a new direction is decided upon it takes time for momentum to change direction or shift to another track. It's a hard thing to do, to keep that momentum of change alive until the habits of one's life picks up steam, moving us in the direction we really want to go. The saddest thing about NOT going forward is regret. Retrospect is an awful thing, when we look back and realize that we could have made the effort; we could have made the choice.

My New Year's wish for everyone and for myself is to face down with determination our own stubborn resistance. To first CHANGE our minds and then take ACTION to make it happen. If you want better health, I wish for you conscious awareness and exercise! If you want better financial security, I wish for you the right education, job or opportunity! If you want more loving relationships,I wish for you patience, kindness, compassion, and loving honesty so that others will respond and follow your lead! If you wish a deeper connection to something greater than yourself or to a cause, then I wish for you to follow your deepest heart and follow your intuition. Mostly, I wish for you the kind of 2011 that fills your heart and soul with joy and satisfaction, a year that sustains you and makes every day a good day to awaken to! Happy New Year everyone!!!

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