Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Voice of Magic

 This time of year always takes me back to the earlier days when I was a little more naive and believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and all those wonderful imaginary and magical beings. Our mom was magic and she believed in magic up until the day she left this fine planet. I think that the voice of magic is a good voice, it lifts us up and keeps us looking for the better part of ourselves and others. December for me is like a trip to Disneyland. Even though it brings a Mount McKinley size pile of stress, it also ushers in the stardust.

Life has a way of hemming us in and boxing off the magic that exists all around us. I have been fortunate in my life to have some pretty magical things happen to me; experiences that keep reminding me that there is more than what I see or what I think I know. But I lose sight of that and when I do everything takes on a smudgy grayness that hides the good from my life. Regardless of the way you celebrate the holiday season, it is meant to be a reminder that life is renewable. I celebrate Christmas and for me it has a magical voice. It is a reminder that even in the dead of winter I can be renewed and reborn to a better me.

Realists are needed in our world, I suppose. But for me, if I could fly like Santa, I would sprinkle a little bit of magic into everyone's heart. I think it would awaken the dreamer, the passion, the love and kindness that is innate in most of us, if not everyone. Einstein said that imagination if everything. I don't know if you can visit that "nation" if you do not believe in magic. We are hardly the designer but we are, each of us, given a magic wand at birth to create our lives. It's up to us to figure out how to use that magic wand. It does come with instructions if we are silent and conscious enough to take out the instruction books and read them. I wish you magic this season. I wish you a heart so full that you can believe in the possibility of love and endless peace. Valleys are necessary in life but the mountain sits there, just waiting for the wings of magic to carry us to the top. Personally, I just have to remember to move my feet!!!

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