Thursday, July 15, 2010

What do you tell yourself about a challenge?

The funniest thing happened to me today. Well, it may not make you laugh but it made me laugh at myself. I have a desktop computer and I was working at it when I became aware there was no sound coming from my speakers. I checked my speaker volume, went into my computer to make sure the sound had not been muted, and then reexamined the speakers. I had had some computer work done recently and a router replaced. It appeared to me, upon my expert examination, the technician had somehow unplugged my speakers. Assuming that I had the expertise to evaluate the problem, I unplugged everything and tried moving the speakers to another plug in option. There was none.

After climbing under my desk, after doing the two step with all the ridiculous wires found behind the bowels of my desk, after getting dusty and frustrated, I reexamined the speakers and discovered they were not turned on. I laughed out loud.

Today I realized that I often believe the answer is more complicated than it appears to be. I have somehow fooled myself into believing that all answers are complicated; that solutions do not come with only one or two parts, but have multiple and exaggerated wires that need to be untangled. It is not that all answers are easy, but I believe my experience today taught me that even complications may have an easier answer if I will simply pay attention and think more simply. If I can believe that life's problems really do come with a solution and usually that solution does not involve climbing behind furniture, dancing with dust bunnies, and becoming entangled in the wire maze of life I may be able to shortcut some of my challenges. Time for a glass of wine and some serious pondering!!

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