Thursday, June 10, 2010

How's that voice of fear working for you?

If I mentioned the name "Wally Cox" to you, would you know who he was? If I said the name Martin Luther King to you, I am quite certain you would know who he was and his place in history. I don't think everyone is meant to be historically remembered by our global family. I mention these names to make a point...that unless a story is retold and retold, whether it be a person or an event or a wisdom, it becomes lost to those of us who live on. I believe that Truth is like that; that Self-Awareness and Mastery are like that. If the story of our personal Divinity is not told and retold, that too can be lost. I realized that is one of the reasons I began this forum...even if no one speaks up, it creates thought and therein all things are transformed.

So when I ask how your voice of fear is working for you, I want to challenge you as I have been challenged. Is your life working better by giving it the upper hand? Fear is a tough taskmaster. In its original form, it was meant as an intuition to help us avoid danger. Wandering about in a world of the wild when we lived with the wild was hazardous duty!! But it has developed into a phobia, a kind of mantra that chants to our subconscious and keeps us small. Like flour is the foundation of many breads and cakes, unknown or conscious fear is the foundation of many of our life's ills and limitations. It can sound like "You will never succeed at that." or it can sound like "All (men or women) are jerks." Judgments, resentments, assumptions, superiority...all these things are fear's agents.

I am paying attention to that voice when it comes up for me. It's sneaky little presence reminds me that I may still have some residual thought processes that are trying to keep me small, keep me victimized. I am grateful that irritating little tyrant cannot be quiet because it is helping me heal and disengage from its power. When I hear a voice that sounds like fear, I recognize it and gently dismiss it. It is not who I am. Marianne Willliamson tells us "there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so others will not feel insecure around you. We were born to manifest the Glory or God that is within us." Most fear is the tether that keeps the eagle from flight. I say, cut its hold on you and be all you can be.

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