Friday, April 2, 2010

Your voice can betray what you believe

One of the most beautiful conversations I have ever had with someone I love and care for happened when they were honest and told me, straight up, that my expressed concern was being interpreted as a lack of faith in them. I was asked to believe more in their strength than in their challenge. I was asked to trust that they had the right tools to do the right thing for themselves. In that moment, I realized that sometimes my faith just needs to be a little stronger, a little more rooted so that it can shadow and shrink my fears. My "concern" was interpreted correctly and I was grateful to be called out on what I had said.

Spring is a time when light begins to last longer than darkness. Things that were hidden underground to survive the cold of winter begin to push into the light. Some animals come out of hibernation during this time. An event can be like Spring, regardless of the time of year. Our voice can expose, when brought into the light, some things about us that can bring wisdom to our circumstances. I know when something that has been hidden within me appears through something I say aloud, I am caught off guard and sometimes ignore what has been exposed. Embarrassed, uncertain...coming into the light can be blinding and uncomfortable. But it can also be liberating!!

I look around at the hills that surround my community, at the flowers that are blooming and the limbs of the trees that are filling in with green and I realize that everything is better in the light. Darkness has its purpose, as do all things under heaven, but light gives us the gift of seeing things for what they are. In this time of transformation, in this Spring time, my Easter wish for everyone is to be transformed in some way. Don't shy away from what might be hidden. Give yourself and your voice permission to come into the light. Like a daffodil, you just might like what therein blooms!!

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