Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Your Dreams and Your Voice

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? Some of my sweetest memories were of lying on the grass on a summer day and finding shapes in the clouds. I called it "cloud art." The smell of fresh cut grass was the sure sign that the snow was gone and that spring had come, with summer on its heals. To this day, I absolutely love the smell of fresh cut grass...and fortunately I have no allergies to take me from that pleasure.

Sometimes, our voice can be like an allergen, taking us away from our pleasures. One of the most challenging things for me to do is to quiet that allergy ridden voice when I am imagining the life I want to live. I used to imagine the goal and crossing the finish line. I still have my goals and my dreams that I imagine for myself. But more and more, it is the daily life I imagine I want to live that has gained in value. The surprise package is that the more I hold to the image of what I want my daily life to look like, the closer my goals and dreams become.

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Sometimes what we "know" is the allergen to our own imagination. We have this powerful, creative ability that works in our lives every single day. It is called our thoughts. If the ambassador to your thoughts is undermining your imagination, then you can be certain that voice comes from what you know, from your history. It is quite different from Knowing, the kind of knowing that is a deep seeded certainty you can accomplish anything you decide you want to accomplish.  The problem is, when we listen to that voice from our past, we repeat our experiences and it smothers the voice of imagination. I am here to tell you, what the voice of your imagination has to say is infinitely more important!

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