Friday, March 5, 2010

What is in your heart?

We are all travelers on this gigantic and beautiful ball, tumbling through space. I personally believe that we are linked not by blood and bones, but by spirit and soul. Given that gift, I would like to invite you to share a thought, a feeling, a deeply held belief, a sorrow, a deep and soul riveting joy. Not just a "twitter" ... but a loud, voracious and thoughtful hum from your heart.

I am still reading "Broken Open." I had no idea how timely and deeply needed her wisdom would be for me right now. That is the amazing magic of life, that things show up when we need them if we are paying attention. This morning she told me to let go of my ego and let my soul shine through because "Who would want to be an ego, when one could be a soul?"

I am going to be still for a few days, to be reflective and listen to the whisper. Hopefully some of you will pick up your "pen" and send in a thought, a needed insight. Never doubt that you are not here for a reason. Give yourself permission to feel how important your role is in the scheme of life. Every cell of our body is necessary even though it is expendable. The biology always is. But the soul...never! Looking forward to hearing from some of you brave souls who long to share your wisdom and your light.


Caine Mutiny said...

Things don't automagically show up. We find them because we need them.

On another note, the human condition goes on a quest and is often disappointed with the results. By definition, questing is not knowing what you are going to find, so how can you be disappointed. Life is not for the weary kind.

WWAV said...

The gift is living the mystery. Most of us are terribly uncomfortable in the unknown.