Monday, March 1, 2010

Broken Open...When There is No Voice

I was going to write about something different today. But life has a way of moving in and redirecting our plans. When I decided to create the WWAV blog, the first and foremost thought in my mind was that I wanted it to be a safe place for women to express their points of view. We are, by nature, an amazing gender. We carry so much of the world in our hearts. We work hard, whether we are working outside our homes or staying at home and working diligently to keep our homes in order. For many women, they work both jobs and do it masterfully.

Today, however, I write to ask you to lift your voices to prayer for a mom, and a dad, and a brother, and a community. Last Thursday, their daughter was abducted and as yet has not been found. They have arrested the person responsible. There is no sight of Chelsea, their daughter, and yet her parents have kept their dignity, their hope, and their voices so clear and so strong. Their courage has humbled me. Their circumstances terrify me. Their sorrow and pain are at the core of every parent I know.

So hold this family in your heart, in your prayers. However you pray, hold them deeply, and securely, daily, moment by moment, in your prayers. Let your voice rise to heaven for the sacredness of this very tenuous life and for this family who so needs your voice.

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