Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When an Ooooop's Happens!

Sometimes missed communication is humorous as demonstrated by Laurel and Hardy in their famous skit, "Who's on First?" While there is a serious side to missed communication, there is always the lighter side of things!! Chaos and confusion is the stuff that comedy is made of!!

I recently posted a notice about a friend who lost her husband. At the time, the challenging part of the communication with her was that her primary language is Spanish and my own is English. As it turns our, it was her brother-in-law and not her esposa that passed away! I kept saying, "Esposa gone??" and she kept saying, "Si, si, si...!" Really, it would be a great scene in a movie! I treasure the reminder of that day: to tell people we love how we feel... and while the theme of the message that day was important, it tickles me to revisit the misunderstanding! It reminded me of all the humorous times missed communication has resulted in something funny in my life.

Today I had lunch with a slew of girlfriends and we laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and told jokes and laughed some more. Our conversation was like rays from the sun; it lightened up the room and everyone in it! It is the neighbor we get to know, the school friends that hang in there with us through thick and thin, the smile we share in the grocery line. It is easy for me to feel the important and serious side of having our voice heard...but it is also of equal importance to appreciate the power of laughter and merriment. It lowers blood pressure, keeps us young, and exercises face muscles!! Here's to our joyful voice being heard and our face not be sad and saggy!!

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