Monday, February 15, 2010

The Voice of Love

I grew up in a time of dramatic transition when the voice of love was changing. There was such a dramatic transition between the naivete of the 50's and early 60's and the free love that came flowing in from the flower children of the 60's and 70's. Whether admittedly, or subconsciously, I think that both men and women have been floating in this murky void ever since, trying to navigate without so much as a star pattern from the heavens to guide us.

After all my years, I have found that the voice of love is the most effective voice of all. It sounds like kindness in the face of someone being unkind; it sounds like compassion when someone is being unreasonable; it sounds like support when someone is disappointed. Love is a language that offers your acknowledgment of the humanness of your fellow traveler. I don't know of another language that opens up people's trust, that lets you into their lives, more than the language of love.

It is not always easy to offer to someone who is being difficult. Nor is it easy to offer the language of love to someone who repeatedly steps on your enthusiasm or dreams. We are told that love is everything. In offering it, we do not condone another for an abuse of a relationship. Nor do we offer pity. We simply offer them our voice of love, our appreciation for being fellow travelers on this bumpy road called life. The greatest regrets of my life have come when my voice of love was silent. So, during this month that celebrates cupid but can represent so much more than romance, let your voice ring out with the sweet notes of love. Not the romantic, mushy kind...but the human kind!

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Anonymous said...

Well said! There is even a star pattern from the heavens right now during our Valentine season Jupiter, our soul & spiritual connection comes together with Venus, our love nature, in Pisces. We tap into our deepest heart songs and experience selfless love.
Love, Nikki