Monday, February 22, 2010

I See You

I tried to avoid the hype and enthusiasm for Avatar...but my husband and I finally gave in to the critics voice and decided to go and see it for ourselves. I can only say that I wish I had gone sooner. I noted something very curious about me regarding my personal resistance to this movie. I had felt the same way about Star Wars in the 70's and it had a deeply profound effect on me. Avatar had a similar effect. It seems, to my amazement, that I unconsciously avoid things that will be good for me. THAT is a whole other subject for another time!

In Star Wars, the phrase, "The force is with you." left an impression on me that has lasted for nigh on 30 plus years. In Avatar, the phrase, "I see you" will be carried with me for at least that long, I hope to my life's end. If you have followed my entries, you know that I have an affliction of peeling layers away until I can find something personally profound to me. The phrase, "I see you" spurred within me that profoundly deep reaction. I suddenly GOT how I see the world and how I want the world to see me. "I see you" as it was used in the movie says "I see you, whole and complete in who you are, with your flaws, your intentions, your commitments, your heart, your soul." I think of all the times I have looked past someone, seeing only my own prejudice, my own issues of unforgiven issues that come from misunderstandings, my own fears that keep me from my good.

I have been wondering, since the movie, how my world would change if I could "see you." How would that change my voice and how would I respond to another? If I could see you, and see that you are as afraid as I am afraid, that you have hopes as I have hopes, that you have needs and dreams as I have those things, what would I say to you? When someone agrees with me, I don't even "see them" ... I only see what agrees with me. And when I am in conflict, I am blind and too often only see my need or my prejudice. "I see you" honors others and gives us the power of voice. "I see you" includes seeing myself honestly and loving all the ugly parts along with the good ones. "I see you" gives us all permission and dignity to travel together on this planet we call earth, in a peacefully respectful way. We all need to be placed in "ICU" ... the intensive care unit of  "I see you." In this, there is hope for a beautiful now, a beautiful tomorrow.


Glad said...

I loved Avatar and have seen it twice. For me it was the connection, not only to others but to our environment, that made me feel good. I remember years back when my son had a friend over and I caught his friend hitting our front yard tree. I asked him to stop and to apologize to the tree for hurting it. My son felt embarrassed that his friend had to apologize to the tree but I had to speak what I felt. Many years later his friends know that I speak my truth and it gives them a chance to speak their truth because they know I won't judge them. My house is where both my daughter's friends, when she lived at home, and my son's friends come to hang out on weekends. I'm happy to be able to provide a space for them where they can just be.

WWAV said...

Thank you Glad for your input. I did the same thing with my kids and at least planted (forgive the pun) seeds that have moved them into their own relationship with nature. Just using your voice in honesty builds respect and acknowledgment, even if it is not always agreement. Beautiful!!