Friday, February 12, 2010


This is about one of the most precious things we have as women, our friends. Today I attended a surprise luncheon for a dear friend of mine that I have known since our sons were little boys. She had never been thrown a surprise party before and it was a joy to be part of  her luncheon. There was just a handful of us there but it was filled with sincere warmth, humor and camaraderie. Then, I visited my hairdresser later in the afternoon, and again, the discussion came up about our girlfriends and how, as we get older, they become more important and treasured. It is a different treasure than when we were younger (I am 56). Now, at this stage of my life, they are a lifeline to my life changes. Simply, they understand and support in a way no one else can.

Then, when I arrived home, I learned that a dear friend has Lymphoma. She is more of an acquaintance but she is someone I had a connection with when we met. So my voice calls to my friends and those of you visiting this site to hold her in prayer for perfect health. Sometimes the voice that is whispered to God is the most powerful voice we speak, especially when it is from our heart.

I treasure this opportunity, to have begun this forum. I am hopeful it helps all of us who are a little wary of speaking our Truth, of offering compassion in the face of struggle, to offer honesty with a voice of love, to be the strength when our friends are compromised, to be strong enough to be weak and vulnerable so our friends can support us. I hope that cyberspace proves to be a highway for such relationships. We need one another.

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