Sunday, January 24, 2010

WWAV - An Interactive Goal

One of the goals I had in my of my intentions...was to make this blog interactive. While I am so inspired to do this, and while my life feeds me plates of imagination and inspiration for this, I want to invite you to be an active part of this site.

What are your biggest goals with your communication?
What challenge do you face that could use a different perspective?
What do you read that you feel you would like to challenge?
Do you find that you are good at communication and why?
What has worked for you in your life regarding your communication style?
Do you have a goal to reach regarding your communication?
What things, ideas, skills, techniques do you think will help?

The list can go on and on and your input is part of this. WWAV is dedicated to YOUR voice being heard. Please let me hear your will serve everyone who visits this site!

Thank you for your input and as always, please share as you feel inspired! Love and blessings for a beautiful day!!

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