Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Power of Silence

I have a hard time not wanting to add my two cents. Just a bad thing I learned from growing up in an environment where I never felt I was heard. I have witnessed personal needs either lead us to silent retreat or streams of opinion; I have yet to witness that either course is effective. The silence I am speaking of is that space between thought. It is that place you can spend some quiet time in, by yourself, to find an answer or response that is appropriate and supportive for any circumstance in your life. Some people call it prayer, some people call it meditation, some people call it contemplation...but regardless of the definition, it is the place where your life experiences begin.

For many, this is a very uncomfortable place. For me, it was like having a gag on my mouth! When I first learned to practice this I found that my mind could not settle into the silence. I heard a lot of "but, but, but..." or "why, why, why..." but in the end, once I humored my own noisy, inner voice, I started to see a way out of my dilemma. At first, everything I had to say would tumble out once I left that silent place. But now I have learned to recognize words that are cloaked in fear's mask (false evidence appearing real), and toss them to the wind.

Take a moment, even if it is simply sitting at a traffic light, to be silent. Turn off the radio and listen to the sweet silence. If a thought pops up just put your finger to your mouth and say "shhhhhhhhhhh." It is amazing, but the thought listens to your simply request. Roll down your window and listen for the sounds that are outside your vehicle, or listen to your breath. One moment like that can change your life. For me, it is an actual physical response, like taking off a tight pair of jeans after I have eaten a large meal. There is room for life in that moment, and love, and compassion and all the things that makes each day a brighter place to wake up to! In that silence, there is a place for my voice.

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