Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year, a Beautiful You

I believe that each of us, as women, have a powerful and unlimited potential to be the change the world needs. We have, as a gender, arrived through the efforts of our greater than great grandmothers and mothers who, in their own way, fought for us to have a voice at all. Less than 100 years ago we were denied voting privileges. Over the century, we have stood our ground for the right to wear pants, own property, life independently, and claim our place as equal partners to our spouses. Some of us have fought to be regarded as legitimate businesswomen and social and political leaders. We did this, many of us, while raising our children and being the hub of our families. However, the voices of most (even with all our advancement) still seems like a whisper, barely audible in a world that needs to hear what we have to say. We choke when faced with an opportunity to ask for what we want, speak our truth, or offer our insight.

It is not enough to have words to say, or feelings to express. We must learn to have voices that are transformational and that can be heard. We cannot do it based upon the old rules; we must learn to create a new playing field that changes the rules. New wine cannot be held by old wine skins; therefore, we must create a new way of being and expressing ourselves. We must, in the popular vernacular, be born again. Like peeling an onion, we will find our centers and our true purpose as we shed what does not work and adopt that which does. What is that? I believe it is unique for each of us once a solid foundation is established. Together, we will build that foundation and then find our way to our own personal song. That, my friends, is what this forum is about!

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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