Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Listening - Energizing Your Voice

I was once told by a dear friend who cared about me that I had two ears and one mouth for a reason! At first, I felt defensive but when I truly listened, I realized I talked more than I listened. Before anyone was even finished with their thought, I was already processing my opinion. I don't believe that anything I write on this blog is necessarily "news" ... or even newsworthy. But I do have to say that when I really HEARD what my friend said, it made me stop in my tracks.

People listen to what you have to say when they know you care enough about them to listen. Sometimes it is prattle, sometimes profound, but there is always depth between the lines, no matter how you add it up. I have to admit that sometimes this is hard to do when emotions are flying around like startled bats in a dark cave! But it is emotions that derail communication. Another way to look at it is this: Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say. If who I am is upset, feeling superior, judgmental, or arrogant, what I have to say becomes muffled by the weight of who I am expressing in that moment.

Gracing someone with your ears connects you to others at the heart. Listening lends to honesty that allows for risk...and risk can deepen relationships when risk is taken with kindness and compassion. Listening with intention, gives power, clarity, and volume to your own voice. Even when it is a whisper.

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