Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hitting a Wall

What happens when your voice is not heard and you hit a wall? It might show up in many a lost job, the end of a marriage or friendship, the loss of something or someone important to you. It can choke off your voice and the strangulation can lead you down a dark path that is lonely and frightening. So, in the words of Oprah, this is what I know for sure...

I know that every event in our life comes to us, offering us a ticket to freedom. Sometimes, though, it feels like jail. The Truth about any given situation is that it is meant to open us up, give us more options; it offers us the opportunity to sincerely take 100% responsibility for our life and the choices we make; it can guide us in the direction of our dreams and our soul's purpose. The challenge, always, is to see it for the opportunity it is, to be empowered by it. Too often we let what appears to us become a setback that defines and cripples us. The Truth is, our perspective is our choice and nothing positive can be accomplished from a state of victimization.

I know it is hard to imagine this when it feels like a takes courage and guts to turn the cesspool into an island paradise pond, complete with waterfall and sunshine. Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so Shakespeare told us. Truth is Truth, regardless of the century!! Write down the things you learned from your experience and the wisdom that you can take with you, forgive the bitch or bastard that was your angel, and keep your antennae up for the opportunities that are in front of you. Trust me, they are ALWAYS THERE!! If you can see them, you will be empowered. You will gain confidence and compassion, two critical elements for a strong voice. If you can cross this admittedly ginormous bridge I guarantee you that your voice will be heard!!

Great reading: Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser

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